Established in Sydney in 1979 by Mark Keighery, MARCS became the first brand to explore its identity through forward-thinking colour and print. Keighery identified the need for a new, authentically urban take on modern casual for men and women, which soon became an enduring aesthetic signature that we’ve remained dedicated to over 40 years later.

MARCS is a community shaped by vibrant personalities who spin the wheels of our metropolitan lives. Sociable souls excited by the spirit of the city, we like our style expressive and our conversations engaged. We celebrate curiosity and are passionate in our beliefs – exciting the mind and putting the pleasure back into individuality.

With a commitment to feel-good style, MARCS exists to create future-proofed classics and seasonal statements that bring colour and currency to city life. We continue to be Australian-owned and operated, and are proudly here to add confidence and fresh directive you can trust from work to weekend.