Q&A - Axle Whitehead

1)  With such a rich brand history, Marcs is a truly iconic Australian brand to be associated with, what does the brand mean to you?

It does feel fantastic to be so closely involved with such an iconic brand. I was involved in a campaign with Marcs in the late 90's for Melbourne fashion week, I remember it was the cool stuff to be wearing. Now, to see the new line, just quietly, I feel very cool in the new threads. It really fits my style - simple cool clothes. Things that you can put on and wear all day and night, still looking sharp. 

2)  What is your personal style?

I like to have a few favourite outfits that I can wear for different occasions, dressing them up or down depending on my day. The new Marcs range really accommodates that. Easy to wear outfits that you can really play with.

3)  What is the one thing you could not live without?

A good suit!! Every man must have a good suit. One that you can dress up, or dress down if need be. Once again, check out the Marcs suits especially the waistcoats!! Very cool.

4)  With two new Marcs designers, the new range is really fresh and fabulous, what are your favourite 2 pieces this season?

Waistcoats and shirts. Again having a staple you can play with is very important, and with all due respect, a little easier for us men... 

5)  How does the Marcs label work with your music?

My new album is the type of album that can be played in any situation and will bring a great vibe. Chilling, partying, driving, dinner etc. Funny enough it ties in really well with this campaign, due to its versatility.