Why Blue Suits are dominating this season (and why you need one)

Nothing says ‘sharp’ like a beautifully tailored men’s suit. These days they come in a myriad of colours, patterns and shapes, but from New York to Milan, there is one style that is dominating this season – The classic blue.

Dubbed ‘the new black’, if getting a new suit is on your agenda this season, you want to make sure that it is blue. It will take you from James Bond to Mr Darcy to Barney Stinson, or just the very best version of yourself.

Mens Blue Suit

Singing The Blues
A men’s blue suit is a solid investment piece. It’s versatile, easy to dress up or down and works with almost any colour combination. It also looks very sharp and can be paired with either brown or black shoes. If you can only afford to invest in one suit this season, make it a blue one. Men are wearing blue suits anywhere and everywhere and the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Casual Not Cocky
“A casual suit?” you exclaim! Isn’t that like saying “a formal pair of thongs”? No, it’s not. A blue suit is easily transformed to suit low-key occasions from Saturday evening drinks to an afternoon BBQ and is the perfect way to say ‘I’ve got class and edge’. Paired with a quality cotton tee, choose a leather loafer for footwear, or if you are really looking for the casual vibe, throw on some sneakers for the ultimate street style feel.

Your Work Week Covered
A quality blue suit will have you covered for all your office occasions. Wool not only looks premium, it is also easier to stay winkle free compared to other fabrics. Take liberties with your style; add a pocket square, a sharp patterned tie or some fun socks to inject your personality into your suit.

The Blue Tuxedo
They don’t call it the ‘Blue Tuxedo’ for nothing. Styled correctly, the blue suit will also have you covered for all your formal occasions and keep you looking sharp and on point. On these occasions, the combination of a quality tailored blue suit, crisp white shirt and classic accessories are the key to an ultra-polished look. You’ll want shoes so shiny you can see your face in them, a beautiful pair of cufflinks, classy pocket square and a real bowtie. And don’t forget to catch your reflection as often as you can and bask in the glory of this ultimate classic outfit.

Have fun with your look, but don’t forget the ultimate accessory is confidence – wear it like you mean it!

image source: thetrendspotter.net | pinterest.com

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