To slim, or not to slim? Finding the perfect T-shirt

Having a quality selection of tees is one thing, but making sure they’re the right fit for your body type is a different story altogether. Size isn’t the only thing that matters – necklines, materials and type of fit all have a part to play when finding the perfect shirt for your wardrobe.

Too big? Go home.
Whatever your outfit choice, something that’s poorly fitting can quickly ruin a look – and there’s no excuse for buying a T-shirt that’s three sizes too big.

Instead, why not opt for something that compliments your physique? A standard fit tee looks ten times better than something that’s oversized.

For those that are confident or proud of their chests, try opting for something that’s really going to show off your best features – a classic V-neck style is perfect for this.

Too tight? Say goodnight.
At the other end of the spectrum, wearing a T-shirt that’s too tight can look just as bad. If your stomach reveals itself when you lift your arms, it’s not a good fit, and you’ll probably be better opting for one size up. On a similar note, if the sleeves are leaving a mark on your arms, you’ve probably opted for something that’s a little tighter than it ought to be.

Plain tees, bold style.
Once you’ve found your size, it’s time to start thinking about style. Nine times out of ten, it’s often the simplest of styles that turn the most heads, so something like a plain black, white or coloured option is your best bet.

The class cut tee is a real must for any wardrobe as it can be worn as part of a casual outfit, or under a blazer for something a little more suited to the office.

100% cotton, every time
While polyester tees provide a cheaper alternative for those operating on a budget, nothing comes close to the comfort, durability or feel of a tee that’s made from 100% cotton.

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