Three simple steps to choosing the right leather jacket

Marlon Brando, James Dean, Indiana Jones, fighter pilots, every single Hollywood ‘it’ girl ever, is it even possible to not look cool in a leather jacket?! On top of the rad factor, the right leather jacket will go with basically everything you currently own or could possibly ever buy, meaning that a good leather jacket well and truly earns the title of an “investment piece”. But like any good investment, you’ll want to put a reasonable amount of money into buying a leather jacket that looks perfect and lasts forever, and you can’t go wrong with our three simple steps to choosing the right jacket.

Step 1: Select Your Style and Length
Classic: Simple, but no plain Jane, the classic leather jacket has little hardware, a plain collar and no lapels. For both men and women, your key accessory when styling this leather number is an attitude. Worn over a floral dress for the ladies or some chinos and a collared shirt for the guys, it’s hard to go wrong with this classic.

Bomber: A bomber silhouette is in vogue this season, appearing everywhere in iterations ranging from wool, to florals; and the leather bomber is one jacket that will never go out of style. For women, modernise your bomber by wearing it with some bright pants and a plain white top, and for the men, keep it casual with a pair of ripped jeans and some clean white sneakers.

Biker: Easily spotted by their buckle hardware and 1950s vibe, the biker jacket has come back into favour hugely in the last few years. Easily styled for men with a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt and either sneakers or boots, and for the women teamed up with some skinny jeans, black heels and charcoal tank, the biker jacket is a simple and stylish option.

Shearling: A massive trend of late, seen on everyone from Gigi Hadid to Karlie Kloss, shearling leather jackets are lined with lambswool. The most iconic version of this style is the flight jacket, which has been a staple in men’s closets for decades. Team with simple black tote and boots for the classic look, but don’t layer with too many items underneath though, as these jackets are super warm.

Length: This mostly applies to the ladies, you’ll need to decide whether you want a cropped or full length leather jacket. If you’re mostly wearing your jacket with jeans and pants, go for something which hits your waist, but if you’re wearing it over dresses the majority of the time, a cropped jacket is generally more flattering.

Step 2: Weed Out The Wrong Ones
Look at the hardware, whether it be zips, clips or buckles, it should add some interest (without being too trendy) but be a neutral tone so it will go with the rest of your wardrobe, this is the case for both men and women. Also make sure you don’t choose a jacket with a lining that clashes with everything you own, you will catch glimpses of it from time to time, so it should complement the jacket and the rest of your ensemble.

Step 3: Check The Fit
You’ll want your jacket to fit perfectly, and no matter how much you spend it won’t look right if it doesn’t fit properly. If you’re buying a jacket made from real leather it will have a little bit of give in it, so go for a jacket that is ever-so-slightly too small over one that’s too big. For both men and women, ensure you’re trying on your jacket with a thick shirt or jumper underneath, and remember you’ll want to be able to raise your arms comfortably, be able to fit two fingers between the leather and your body and, most importantly, the shoulders should look fitted, not baggy.

Leather jacket

Once you’ve checked off steps one, two and three you’re ready to drop some cash on the most important jacket you’ll ever buy!

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  1. Peter James says:

    Brown jackets are my favorites. They are always classy, stylish, simple and great. Yes absolutely these jackets can be used almost in any occasion. Thanks for sharing!

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