Styling hacks: 4 Simple steps to the minimalist wardrobe

If you believe minimalist styling equals plain and uninteresting, you need to keep on reading! While it can be easy to get sucked into the ‘on-trend’ of vibrant colours, bold patterns and edgy prints, you’ll be surprised at how much you can say by doing a lot less and keeping your outfit simple, clean and sleek.

It’s all about neutral colours (think black, white, grey and navy), classic cuts (clean, timeless pieces) and quality fabrics (cotton, wool, silk and leather). Get it right, and you’ll nail that effortlessly elegant look.

The best part? – It’s dead easy. You’ll not only save yourself the “what should I wear” saga each morning – you’ll look (and feel) amazing. Here are 4 simple styling hacks to get you started.


1. Go back to basics
A plain white tee or shirt, classic skinnies – you know your wardrobe has them all. And though often neglected and overshadowed by the more eye-catching pieces, these basics are the building blocks of any minimalist look because they offer unlimited possibilities. Have fun with them, play with different textures and fabric types. If you must, leave the colour to your accessories. A cheeky splash of colour with a scarf around your neck or bag, a statement pair of shoes will add the pop without overpowering your outfit.



2. Keep an eye for detail
Ok, so no one wants their style to fall into the ‘B-zone’ aka – boring! Pay attention to items with simple features and stand out details, whether it’s in the sleeve, the collar or simply the cut. Choose versatile pieces that feature that small, interesting edge that will make your whole outfit look unique.



3. Play with proportions
Cropped, boxy, oversized – Have some fun and experiment with volume! Clean, minimalist pieces allow you to be creative with proportions and give your silhouette a contemporary twist. Team your favourite jumper with a pleated skirt for a new take on casual dressing.



4. Find the right balance
In the end, whether it’s in the texture, the colour, or the cut – minimalist styling is all about playing with contrast and balancing it out. For an easy chic look, opt for a masculine oversized jacket and make it feminine by pairing it with a low cut v-neck tee underneath.



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