Styling Hack: How to match your shirt and tie

As the accent to your work wear look, the humble tie is the lynchpin of the modern man’s 9-to-5 wardrobe. With endless variations of colour and print on the market, matching the right shirt and tie can be a tricky business. Here we outline three easy go-to combinations for an effortlessly stylish working week.

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1. Solid on Solid – Tone it Down
This is the classic low-risk combination that will have you covered from boardroom to bar. The solid tie on a solid shirt. Navy on white for a classic look, grey on pink for those times you want to inject a bit more personality. If you are going for a similar colour shirt and tie, this is ok, just don’t double up on the same tones. Choose a navy tie on a pale blue shirt or maroon tie on a pink shirt combination.

2. Pattern on Solid – The Mix & Match
When patterns come into the mix a bit more consideration needs to be given. But before the nerves kick in, don’t worry – the combination of patterned tie on a solid shirt is still super easy and allows your personality to start to shine. The no-fail rule is simply match the colour of your shirt with one of the colours in your patterned tie to pull your look together. Easy.

3. Print on Print – Stepping it Up
Ready to step up your combo game? Enter the print on print. A lot of men stray away from this in the fear of looking like something from the local circus, but getting it right is not only pretty easy, it’s an instant injection of style and personality to your look. The key? Super simple – Three things to remember; pattern, scale and tone. Make sure you don’t have the same pattern on your shirt and tie. Next, that the pattern on your tie is larger than that on your shirt. Lastly, remember to have a matching tone of your tie to a colour in your shirt.

The above are simple tips to help you experiment and explore with colours and patterns, however, above all, the most important thing is to make sure you feel good and comfortable in your chosen combination. Happy styling!

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