SS17 – The campaign in numbers

An urban backdrop (courtesy of the prolific Sydney skyline) and a never-ending day filled with sunshine and laughter set the mood for our Spring Summer 17 campaign. What goes into a shoot you ask? Here are the numbers that add up to one perfect day…

200 Hours spent searching for the perfect team (models, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup, location, styling…)
1 prolific Sydney skyline
2 models – Nana from Denmark and Ben from Queensland
3 trips to Jones Bay Wharf to find the perfect time to shoot to get the light just right
4 stunning shoot locations around Jones Bay Wharf

Above: Ben is wearing Ted Print Tee C150.17S.26272, Johnny Slim Jean C120.17S.28016 (Available in October) and Causeway Rib Hoodie (Available in October).

Over 150 outfits distilled down into the final 35 selected to shoot
26 colours featured in our campaign shoot outfits
220 minutes of hair, make up, grooming and touch ups
35 trips up and down in the lift to the Dolton house rooftop (we promise we took the stairs sometimes!)
11 beauty products & tools to create that signature eye

Above: Ben is wearing Marle Brando Crew Neck Tee C150.17S.18817 and Johnny Slim Jean C120.17S.28016 (Available in October). Nana is wearing I Heart You XX Intarsia Knit A170.17s.27427 (Available in Early October) and Smart Denim Skirt A180.17S.27335 (Available in Early October).

240 music tracks played (that’s 9 playlists!)
60 coffees drunk
307 behind the scenes shots
6 hours work of video edited into 47 videos at 6 minutes of final film
99 times both Bens (model and photographer) made us laugh
3500 images we had to go through to get to just 35 images as part of our final edit.

Above: Nana is wearing Maria Silk Modal A150.17S.21499 (Available in October) and Ginko Print Pant A100.17S.26263 (Available in October). Ben is wearing the Jacoby Short Sleeve Shirt C140.17S.27442 (Available in October) and Baltic Smart Short C130.17S.27089 (Available in October).

Discover our Spring Summer 17 campaign here.

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