Six Great Gifts For The Modern Mum On Mother’s Day

We’ve all been there, lying awake the Saturday night before Mother’s Day, realising we haven’t got our Mum a gift. And even if you haven’t forgotten this year, don’t just default to the same vanilla scented candle you’ve been gifting your mum for the past five years. Try something a little more thoughtful, fun and exciting. If your mum is vibrant and unique, she deserves a present that reflects this.

Frame That Thought
Mums are usually the ones taking the photo, and more often than not, miss out on actually being in the pictures. Have a flip through your phone and find all the best pictures of you and your Mum through the years and make a collage, print it and have it framed. And if you’ve left Mother’s Day prep to the last minute, choose your pics, put them into a digital collage, add music to them and make a sweet and emotional clip for your Mum to watch over and over again.

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Kiss The Chef
The ultimate in last minute gifts, purchasing cooking lessons online is not only easily done from the comfort of your living room but can also prove the perfect gift if you go along too. Learn how to cook a new dish, have a food fight or laugh together about what a mess you’ve made, the beauty of this gift is the time spent together bonding (and eating food).
Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Booked Out
All Mums really want for Mother’s Day is to catch up with you and find out what you’ve been up to, so why not gift her with the latest book you’ve been reading? Not only will it give her insight into what you like, but it means you can have your own little book club! If you haven’t been reading anything great of late, try one of your all-time favourites, or even the book version of her favourite TV show or movie, like Liane Moriarty’s Little Big Lies or Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Toting It Around
One of a mother’s thousand jobs is to always be prepared, meaning she needs to carry as much stuff as possible everywhere she goes, from first aid supplies to snacks, and a change of clothes. But just because she’s overloaded with stuff doesn’t mean she has to look like a packhorse lugging it all around, a beautiful tote is the perfect gift this Mother’s Day so she can carry her Mum survival kit in style.

Sing It From The Rooftops
What modern Mum doesn’t love a musical?! Not only are tickets a great last minute gift idea, as they can be purchased online, but a trip to the theatre is also an incredible amount of fun. Check your local guides to find out what’s playing near you and either go for a bit of a cheeky one, like Kinky Boots (currently playing in Sydney) or a more toned down production, like My Fair Lady (currently playing in Melbourne) for a night she won’t soon forget.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A Shoe In
What little girl (and some little boys!) didn’t put on her Mum’s heels and walk around pretending to be a lady? Now is your chance to make amends for any heels you may have ruined or boots you might have scuffed by giving your mum a comfortable, yet stylish, pair of shoes this Mother’s Day. To be seasonally appropriate, go for a boot, and make sure it is authentic leather so she’ll get good wear out of them.

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