Mixing up your summer wardrobe

Summer – it’s one of the simpler seasons to dress for. There’s no need to worry about layers, taking a jacket or getting caught in the rain. But sometimes the consistent temperature can make wearing the standard repeat shorts and t-shirts feel a bit samey. Mixing it up is the best way to get around this, but how? Here we suggest a few style alternatives, for women and for men.

Branching out – women’s summer style
Changing up your outfit can often go one of two ways – either perfectly, or just a little plain. Instead of opting for something that’s safe – such as shorts and a t-shirt, how about mixing it up and going for something new? A playsuit can be dressed up with a chunky necklace or kept casual with comfy sandals, and an off-the-shoulder cut makes for a summer’s day outfit with just a little more to it.

Little twists can also see your summer outfit go from standard to standout in no time at all. Try swapping simple tees and tops for cute camis. The interesting shapes and cuts can add an extra level of sophistication to your look.

Mixing things up – style ideas for men
Fed up with the same old summer look, guys? Lots of people think there aren’t that many options when it comes down to male style, but there’s more to the male summer wardrobe than just polo shirts and tailored shorts – more often than not it’s about the colours and patterns you choose, rather than the style itself.

Sometimes it’s as simple as shaking up the colours in your wardrobe. If you tend to rely on safe plain tops, try integrating a little design into your look. Styles featuring prints and block colours make it really easy to incorporate something new without making a huge change.

Adding a few accessories to your style can also go a long way towards developing your summer style, too. Grab a bold belt or baseball cap to tie your look together perfectly and create an interesting statement piece.

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