Mens Styling Hack : 4 ways to nail the short sleeve shirt

Summer’s around the corner and the most feared piece of men clothing has come back: the short sleeve shirt. We get it, the short sleeve shirt can be tricky to pull off, as it quickly goes from a high summer statement to a fashion faux pas. This being said, the short sleeve shirt remains a style staple and needs to be in your wardrobe. The key to a well-executed outfit? Make sure your short sleeve shirt is nicely fitted without being too tight, with a slightly curved hemline for a modern finish and in a quality fabric to help you keep cool. This season, don’t limit yourself to t-shirts and polos, we show you here four different ways to nail the short sleeve shirt.

1. With shorts
An off-duty warm weather look is definitely the easiest way to pull off a short sleeve shirt. But unlike the ‘too casual’ tee, the short sleeve shirt still boasts a polished edge that will effortlessly take you from the beach to the bar. Look out for playful prints and on-trend patterns to add some interest to your outfit and keep the top two buttons open for a laid-back style.

2. With a tee
Wear your short sleeve shirt layered over a cotton tee to add an extra dimension to your look and experiment with colours and textures. Leave the shirt completely unbuttoned for the ultimate easygoing outfit or button up the two middle buttons for a more preppy vibe.

3. With chinos
When styled with chinos, short sleeve shirts make an excellent alternative to the traditional long sleeve shirt and instantly become suitable for business casual environments. Stick to neutral colours and classic patterns to keep the look professional and add a belt as the finishing touch.

4. With a tie
To make your short sleeve shirt work for dressier occasions, style it with a tie. But not any tie! Make sure to pick one that’s slim enough to keep your look sleek and modern. Complete your outfit with a pair of tailored pants and remember to tuck your shirt in for an on-trend retro feel.

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