Why The Lani Is Everyone’s Favourite Jacket

The Lani Felted Wool Jacket is a much-loved MARCS staple and to celebrate our 40th birthday we have released this best-seller in all new hues – cinnamon, iris, denim blue, lilac, fuchsia and khaki. Ever wondered why the Lani is one of our best-selling jackets? Read about the properties of the Lani below.

100% Australian Merino wool

The Lani is crafted by 100% Merino wool grown naturally throughout the year by Australian sheep.

100% Biodegradable wool

Wool fibre is naturally biodegradable so these fibres that are part of the Lani Felted Wool Jacket will naturally decompose and over time.

100% renewable
Wool is one of the most sustainable fibres and Australian sheep produce new fleece annually making wool 100% renewable.

Wrinkle resistant

Merino wool fibre will naturally return to its natural shape after being bent or twisted, making the Lani Felted Wool Jacket naturally resistant to wrinkles.

Naturally breathable

Merino wool is loved for its warmth, feel and breathability! It can absorb large quantities of moisture vapour from the air without compromising the wearer’s comfort.


We’re always looking for ways we can take a sustainable approach to fashion and using Australian wool is our way of supporting the Australian farming community as well as providing a stylish outerwear option for our customers.

Shop the Lani Felted Wool Jacket here. 

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