Finding the perfect fitted suit

The suit – it’s the James Bond of any man’s wardrobe. But if you want your suit to be up to 007 standards, it has to fit perfectly. Say goodbye to baggy jackets and banish those tight fitting trousers – we’re going to help you find a suit that’s just right for you.

The jacket
We’ll start at the top with the suit jacket. There’s so much to consider, it’s not something you can just throw on.

The shoulders can’t be altered by a tailor, so buying a jacket that fits perfectly here is key. The seam on the shoulder should line up with the end of your shoulders. If it doesn’t, grab another size!

The buttons on your chest should fasten easily, but not so easily that you find excess material gathering at the front. They definitely shouldn’t look like they’re about to pop off either, and a good test to check the fit is to see if you can slip your hands nicely underneath your lapels.

The final step is fixing the sleeves. You want your jacket to stop at the point where the base of your thumb meets the wrist, allowing 1 – 2cm of your shirt to peak out.

Once you’ve perfected the fit, it’s time to think about the material! The temperature is rising, and summer calls for something lightweight. A blend of wool and linen and guarantees to keep you cool throughout the day.

The trousers
You shouldn’t be relying on a belt to keep your trousers up! They should fit higher than jeans, and hit just above the hip bone.

Nobody wants to find their trousers are sagging in the seat area. Your trousers should fit nicely around your bum, but not so tightly that there’s risk of splitting. Ideally, your trousers should be flattering, feel comfortable and leave a little bit of room to tuck a shirt into.

The fit on the leg of the trouser all depends on personal preference. You can opt for slim fit for a contemporary look or stay traditional and keep a tailored cut. Length is all about preference too, with shorter, cropped styles becoming popular with the modern man. Classic cuts should brush the heel and fall nicely over the shoe, whereas slim cut styles look great resting higher, meeting the top of your shoe.

And that’s it, the formula for the perfect fitted suit. If you’re looking for more fashion advice, make sure you take a look at our blog.

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