10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him & Her

Stuck for what to get your lover, partner, best friend (or yourself!), this Valentine’s Day? You can’t go wrong with our foolproof February Fourteen gift guide!

Recent Romance
Have you only just started seeing your new flame, making Valentine’s Day a bit of an awkward one? Try these gift ideas which are casual, yet thoughtful.
For him: Gift him with your favourite book, or a quirky tie. It’s a great way for him to get to know you a little better and a casual enough present that you can pass it off as a thoughtful gesture.
For her: Present her with a mix tape (or Spotify playlist) of your favourite songs. Music can tell a lot about a person and she’ll be stoked at the opportunity to get a different insight into who you are.

Far- Flung Bedfellows
Long distance relationships are notoriously tricky, try one of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will assure your other half you’re thinking of them…
For him: One of the hardest things about being apart from your partner is not seeing their face every day, so why not go really old school and make sure he has a picture of you in his wallet? Find a flattering photo of the two of you, have it printed and send it to him in a beautiful leather wallet he’ll use every day.

For her: It may seem clichéd, but a beautiful bunch of flowers can go a long way, especially if you live a long way away! Surprise her with a bunch of flowers delivered to her work so that she knows she’s never far from your thoughts. Forgo the roses and try something seasonal and fun, like a big bunch of dahlias in bright magentas and reds.

currecy wallet

Long Term Lovers
If you’ve been through all the ups and downs with your other half, it’s important to keep the spark alive, so why not take a trip down memory lane with them this Valentine’s Day?
For him: Buy your man a fancy new outfit and take him on a date that is meaningful to the two of you. Whether that’s going to the first restaurant you ever ate at or visiting an art gallery to see the original of a print that hangs on your wall, plan a date that would be meaningless to anyone else, but is uber special to you.
For her: Take a look in her wardrobe and choose the dress that you think is the most beautiful on her, then buy her a dress in a similar cut or colour. Dress up in an equally fancy outfit and surprise her with her favourite meal cooked and enjoyed in the comfort of her own home. If you can’t cook, don’t worry, just order her favourite take out and decorate the table with candles and a little posy of flowers.

Platonic Paramores
Is your best friend your true soul mate? Let them know this Valentine’s Day with these great gift ideas!
For him: put your face on his coffee mug. Your mug on his mug sounds goofy, but is bound to make him laugh and just about as personal a gift as you can give.
For her: make her a photo book of all the good times you’ve shared. Just choose your favourite pics from Facebook and Instagram, format it all easily online and have it delivered in time for the big day.

Solo and Self-assured
You don’t need to be in a relationship to share the love this Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself, you know you deserve it!
For him: looking good this Valentine’s Day is important but smelling good is where it’s at. If you’re the rugged bearded type, try a beard oil for the ultimate in masculine musk, or if you’re a smooth shaven smooth talker go for a light cologne in a citrusy scent.
For her: lavish yourself with a new bag or pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing this February 14th, because any excuse will do!

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