An Ode To Mark Keighery: The Menswear Shirt Capsule

The Marcs 40th Birthday shirt capsule celebrates the silhouettes, colours and motifs Marcs founder Mark Keighery was known for. This capsule features Keighery’s signature colours and shapes with contemporary modifications by our in-house design team, making them essentials for the modern man’s wardrobe.



Keighery had a passion for boxing and grew up to become an amateur boxer with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport. He trained alongside his friend and world champion, Jeff Fenech, and designed colourful boxing garbs for the “Marrickville Mauler”. Fenech even featured in Marcs campaigns and Keighery named his sons Jack and Harry after boxers Jack Dempsey and Harold (Harry) Hardwick. Keighery’s credited with giving Jac+Jack designers Jacqueline ‘Jac’ Hunt and Lisa ‘Jack’ Dempsey the nicknames their brand is named after again after his passion for boxing. The Boxer Reg Shirt is a nod to Keighery’s passion and this easy-to-wear long sleeve shirt is decorated with a miniature figure boxing print that packs a punch.

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Keighery is credited with popularising the incorporation of pink in Australian menswear long before terms like “metrosexual” were coined and men experimented with colour. He designed men’s shirts in shades of pink, orange and lavenders as well as making his shirts from off-cuts of Liberty prints in florals and paisleys. The Cooper Shirt is a classic style that celebrates Keighery’s foresight and his legacy of changing menswear colour palettes.

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Inspired by the greenery and botanical plants found on the foothills of the Italian country side, the Torre Slim Shirt is a nod to one of Mark’s lasting muses: Italy. Soft, in-bloom florals decorate a light-weight cotton silhouette that’s quintessential for those looking to experiment with new patterns this season.

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