5 ways to wear your scarf this summer

This summer’s MUST HAVE accessory is the practical and oh so versatile scarf. Add vibrance and colour to a basic tee, or create the ultimate up-do ; scarves will literally transform your style from head to toe.

1. Around your neck

Summer Scarf

Summer is all about baring shoulders, but often a cami or plain tee can leave us feeling like the outfit is just missing something. Luckily, we have a solution! Neck Scarves with unique geometric shapes or fun prints can add style and flair to any casual outfit. Neck scarves can also create the illusion of a longer neck, adding soft elegance to that shoulder-baring top.

2. Around your wrist or ankle

Summer Scarf

Channel your inner boho-chic style with these unique ways to wear scarves. The print-ankle scarf is taking over as a favourite this summer. Adding a vibrant and playful scarf to your ankle will guarantee you draw attention right down your entire outfit. Bold scarves are a great alternative for arm accessories as well. Tying a scarf around your wrist can add a cute accent to your outfit.

3. In your hair
Summer Scarf
We know we’re not alone when we say that one of the biggest battles in Summer is maintaining your hair-style. From humidity to salt water, it can be hard to do anything fun with your hair in the heat. Well you can wave goodbye to the struggles, with this new trend. Make your everyday pony tail or messy bun stand out with a vibrant scarf tied around it.

4. As a belt
Summer Scarf
Colourful scarves are a playful alternative to your everyday leather belt. This accessory will be your jeans’ best friend all summer long. Whether you want to experiment with bright colours, print clashing or you just want to transform your outfit from plain, to playful – the scarf belt is your wardrobe MUST.

5. On your bag
Summer Scarf
Accessories allow us to add our own personality to any element of our wardrobe – especially handbags. With something as personal as a bag, (they practically hold our entire lives inside) you need to be able to make it your own and add your own personal flair to it. So, mix it up with bold colours and unique prints, by tying a scarf around the straps.

From traditional neck ties to ankle scarves and handbag accessories –is there anything the scarf can’t do ? This is one summer acessory you do NOT want to miss out on!

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Images sourced from: pinterest.com

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