5 items for the complete man-drobe

Fashion change and trends come and go, but some clothing essentials will always be in style and keep you looking good, no matter the trend or the season. Those key items are what we like to call the building blocks of your wardrobe – Simple, functional and highly versatile pieces that you can easily mix and match with other pieces and create endless outfit combinations for every occasion. Here we outline 5 core staples that every man – yes, we said EVERY man – should own.

1. The Classic Tee
It might seem obvious that the tee is a wardrobe essential, but not all tees were created equal. For the perfect tee to be just that – perfect – it needs to have the right fit (not too big nor too tight), be of high quality fabric (100% cotton is the only way to go) and be in a plain, neutral colour (white, grey, navy or black). Wear it on its own for a fresh, clean look; with an opened shirt for a cool, trendy vibe; or under a blazer for a smart casual style.



2. The Chino
If you only had one pair of pants in your closet, it would need to be a chino. While jeans can fall into the ‘too casual’ zone and suit pants in the ‘too formal’, chinos are the perfect balance of both. Extremely versatile, they look as good paired with a tee and sneakers at the barbecue as with a business shirt and lace-up shoes in the boardroom.



3. The Shirt
The button down shirt is a classic, and for good reason – it goes with practically anything. Wear it with a suit for formal attire, with a pair of chinos for an everyday office look or under a jumper for a casual weekend outfit. When selecting a colour, white is the ultimate no-fail option, or opt for a pale blue for a different look that can be easily coordinated with other wardrobe items.



4. The Suit
No man’s wardrobe is complete without a beautifully tailored suit. Even if your job doesn’t require you to wear one every day, you still need to own a well-fitted suit for all those special occasions – your best friend’s wedding, your next job interview, your upcoming date. Even if you are to invest in just one, opt for a deep navy colour to cover you across all occasions.



5. The Bomber Jacket
Originally a practical military piece, the bomber jacket has evolved into a men’s wardrobe style staple. This layering piece suits all body shapes, can be worn year-round, and is super versatile complimenting a range of looks. But with so many different styles to choose from, it’s easy to get lost! Here’s our tip – pick one that’s simple, versatile in colour, and finished with the details to show off the quality.


Image : Jerome Guerzon

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